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Nikiti is the fastest growing village of Sithonia, which has practically become its "capital". This village with a rich centuries-old history in recent decades has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Here you will find everything for a wonderful holiday - 2.5 km of sandy beach with beach bars, modern sea-side for the evening promenade, taverns and shops, a lot of entertainment for children. There are also 4 large supermarkets, beauty salons, pharmacies, a farm market on Fridays, bakeries, fresh fruit shops and much more.

Welcome to Alexanika Apartments, enjoy the superb sea, mild sun, delicious and healthy Mediterranean dishes and refreshing drinks in the heart of Halkidiki!


The magical sea

Peninsula of Sithonia is famous for its beautiful nature and extraordinary beaches!  There is nice sandy beach of Nikiti just within 3-4 minutes walking from Alexanika Apartments, but we highly recommend renting a car and enjoying the variety of beaches nearby. You can find a beach for every taste - the wide and long Lagomandra (with water sports) or Livrogio, the small bays of Lagonisi or Spasies, the impressive Karidi (very popular with families with young children) or Kavourotropies...

For beach bars lovers we recommend Talgo, Isla, MOA, Bahia, Manassu. You need to reserve sunbeds there in high season on weekends.


Taverns and bars

Halkidiki in general and Nikiti in particular are the great spots for connoisseurs of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. After the reconstruction of Nikiti’s embankment in 2014, each tavern has its own new unique image now. First of all, try seafood – it’s prepared and served in many variations at quite adequate prices: mussels (ahnista, means boiled, or saganaki - with cheese, tomatoes, peppers and mustard), squid and shrimp (fried or grilled), octopus, risotto or spaghetti and much more.

The portions are mostly large, and don't forget that it is in the Greek tradition to serve all the dishes "on the table" so that every guest can taste it. Enjoy your meal!

Where to go

Places of interest

In 10 minutes walking from Alexanika Apartments you can reach excavations of the Byzantine era and a small church that is open all the day. "Old Nikiti" is located upper from the central road - quiet cobbled streets, stone houses drowning in greenery, a museum and the church of St. Nikita.

There are some picturesque villages on Sithonia - Parthenonas, which offers a beautiful view or Neos Marmaras with a beautiful bay. And of course, it is “obligatory” to visit Thessaloniki, the northern capital of Greece, and the "floating in the sky" temples of Meteora, with mandatory stops in Vergina with the Philip II Museum and at the foothills of Olympus. For excursions, please contact the reception of Alexanika Apartments.